Welcome to Església de Crist

We are a church that belongs to the Reformed Episcopal Church of Spain(Iglesia Española Reformada Episcopal (I.E.R.E.)), which belongs, at the same time, to the Anglican Communion.

As a church, we are called to:

  • praise the Lord, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, giving our lives as a living sacrifice to His service and to partake in fellowship with each other and Him to mature in the freedom of the Holy Spirit and the experience of prayer.
  • be good servants, individually and as a whole, of what God has commanded us to do and to take care of the physical space as well as the economic resources and the material we have.
  • develop fellowship and friendships between us, loving and accepting everyone as they are. This communion is to be always open to receive new people.
  • look for fellowship with other Christian traditions.
  • mature in Christ, making deeper our comprehension, knowledge and the application of the word of Christ and wanting that all of us; children, youth, adults and elderly- are able to share our faith and that every day we are more and more similar to Christ.
  • share the message of the love of God through our behavior, words and deeds, to make others put their trust in Christ and that they can be born in the Lord's family.
Església de Crist